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What does Australia’s new Goods and Service Tax (GST) mean for UK retailers?

From 1st July, 2018, UK retailers wishing to trade in the Australian market will be obliged to navigate new import tax laws. Australian goods and services tax (GST) will apply to consumer sales of low-value goods such as books, clothing and electronic devices imported by consumers into Australia. 

Who does GST apply to?

This new goods and services tax has been introduced to provide Australia’s domestic businesses with a level-playing field in recognition of the continued growth of online sales.

GST applies to any business that sells more than $75,000 of taxable supplies (including low-value goods) a year to consumers in Australia.

The rules also extend to electronic marketplace providers (or “electronic distribution platform” providers such as eBay) and goods “re-deliverers” (such as those that allow goods to be delivered to them from the seller within the sale jurisdiction before shipping them to Australia). The threshold is independent of the delivery channel (postal or freight).

Businesses will need to register for GST, and charge GST on sales of low value imported goods, and they must lodge returns and remit the GST to the Australian Taxation Office (usually on a quarterly basis). Retailers will have to declare the 10% GST on receipt and commercial invoices to consignees.

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