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The future of the Mail Industry Debated at MEDS Conference

Mark Bigley, director at The Delivery Group and CEO of the Secured Mail division, which specialises in e-commerce delivery, spoke to a packed audience on finding profitability in the sector and his predictions on how demands for mail services are changing.

A key element of Mark’s presentation was built around the changing priorities of delivery service users.  Mark said on his presentation: “In particular with e-commerce, cost is and will always be a priority, whilst there may be a small trend for people to spend more to get deliveries faster, the vast majority of people still want free delivery options as part of their on-line shopping experience. If we analyse the data more closely we can see that 96% of respondents over the age of 50’s highlight delivery cost as a key factor when shopping. Even at the 16-25 age range 80% of respondents cite delivery costs as a key factor when shopping online. Retailers and carriers need to work together to ensure that the overall shopping and delivery experience is as good as it possibly can be.”

According to Mark, the challenge for mail companies themselves is to maintain profitability while keeping mail costs low and delivering a high quality service.  Mark added: “Mail firms need to constantly innovate and improve, using new technology to maintain future growth and profitability.  At The Delivery Group we’ve implemented new systems, from new label recognition software to top end sortation systems, which improve delivery times and tracking and also keep costs low.  Through investment and innovation like this, we can ensure delivery services are both fast and have a sustainable low price, ensuring that the end service fits with the core priorities of the user.”

The Delivery Group, the UK’s fastest growing bulk mail, post and parcel operator was the premium sponsor of this year’s MEDS event.

While Mark discussed the ecommerce element of mail provision, his fellow director, Steve Stokes, also CEO of the CMS Network, a specialist in managed mail services, presented on outsourcing, focussing on courier services and managed mail rooms.  Steve said: “The future environment for managed mail includes more pressure for heightened security, rising property costs and a need to improve service quality.  It’s an increasing headache for businesses and firms really need to innovate and maximise the use of technology, to ensure a high quality, cost efficient service.”

He added: “Outsourcing for this sector should be a strong consideration.  Firms can benefit from the technology and service expertise of mail providers, save money now, potentially improve service quality and cut rising costs in the future.”

Following the main presentations there was a series of seminars focusing on topics such as crowdsourcing, drone technology, packaging and cross border issues.


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