“We have been working with Secured Mail for a number of years now and have been constantly impressed by their efficiency, flexibility and professionalism. Their ability to open up their network and provide full visibility of their mailing pipeline along with meaningful MI provision tailored to my needs consistently confirm why we chose them as our postal partner of choice. Having built strong relationship with our key account manager, we are confident that the team at Secured Mail understands our business, its needs and the best solutions to meet them.”

Advanced Direct Mail

adm logo

“ADM have been working with Secured Mail since 2005 and we are very happy with the service we receive. Our account is managed very closely at all levels, from Senior management to daily activity with customer services. Communication for us is key as things can change in our business last minute and Secured Mail are always proactive in their approach to support our requirements. We look forward to continue working with Secured Mail in 2016.”

Orbital Mailing Limited

orbital mailing

“Secured Mail has been a truly excellent partner for more than seven years. They are our ‘preferred supplier’, and we are confident enough in the quality of their services to promote them throughout our parent company, the Menzies Distribution Group, I certainly wouldn’t put my reputation on the line without being 100% sure of their quality – or their competitive prices! Secured Mail helps us win customers and keep them – it’s their flexibility that makes all the difference. As a postal services provider, our customers really appreciate the way we can deal with their problems, for example late drop offs or last minute changes. Working with Secured Mail, we know we can still deliver for our customers, whatever they need. And that’s pretty unique in our marketplace.”

Royal London Group

Royal London

“We have benefited from Secured Mails services for over 4 years now. Royal London Group had a number of issues with our previous postal supplier with many instances of late, delayed and missing mail from our Wilmslow site. This mail was very important as it contained important customer information. Secured Mail stepped in and we trialled their services initially on our Unsorted mail. We experienced an immediate uplift in service quality which has been maintained to this day and indeed we have been so pleased we have now contracted with Secured Mail for all our mailing requirements nationwide including our large bulk sorted mailings. Our experience of Secured Mail is that they are a company that delivers on their promises. They work hard to understand our priorities, are flexible and supportive and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.”

BVG Airflo Group Limited

bvg airflo group

“In 2013, we sent out more than 1.2 million orders to our customers, so it’s vital we have a reliable and cost effective delivery service. We trust Secured Mail to make sure we maintain our market position. They send out our mail, on time, no fuss, and it just gets there. They do what we want, when we want it – you can’t ask for more!”

Acrobat Marketing Solutions

Acrobat Marketing Solutions

“Acrobat Marketing Solutions have worked closely with Secured Mail for over 5 years on various projects from straight forward direct mail to more complex packet/parcel distribution. We have found the service they provide to be flexible, efficient, extremely cost effective and above all transparent. The team at Secured Mail are extremely knowledgeable and are always on hand to offer expert advice on the best way to deliver a project”