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Mailing Incentives

At Secured Mail we like to keep your business updated with new and existing Incentives that could maximise your mailing campaigns.

To learn more or to access any of the incentive scheme offers below simply contact Secured Mail or your account manager today and we will help you through the application process.

Incentives – The Detail
• Advertising Growth – Mail more Pay Less
• Advertising Volume Commitment – Maintaining Advertising Growth Volumes
• Testing and Innovation Scheme -Try new things
• First Time User Scheme – For those new to mail

Advertising Growth
This scheme offers a price discount for incremental Advertising Mail posted above an agreed baseline volume over a 12 month period. Any customer sending at least 250k items of incremental advertising Mail over a 12 month period can apply. Your business could see a discount of 2.5p (for machine readable letters to 10.5p (for heavy large letters) for all incremental volume.
For more information visit here to learn more about bonus rewards

Advertising Volume Commitment
If you are, or have already been, a customer using the Scheme for Growth Incentive, then the year 2 Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive is designed to help your business maintain the same volume of items in the 12-month period immediately after the initial year of the Scheme for Growth Incentive ends.

Testing and Innovation Scheme
The ‘Testing and Innovation‘ scheme offers discounts for customers testing new mail applications such as a Welcome pack or including promotional messages on statements and invoices. Discounts vary between 15% for Advertising Mail and 30% for Business Mail. In the case of Business Mail there is an additional offer of a 10% discount for six months to support the roll out if the test is successful.

For Business Mail tests:

First Time User Scheme

Let’s Deliver
If you would like to hear more about Incentive schemes and how your business can participate please don’t hesitate to contact Secured Mail or your dedicated account manager.


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