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Industry Knowledge

JICMail – The stats so far…

Published 03/10/18

What is JIC? Launched on the 18th January 2018, JICMail, the Joint Industry Committee for Mail offers an insight on the performance of Direct Mail allowing businesses to benchmark their …

Addressing the Polywrap Issue in Mail and Marketing Industry

Published 03/09/18

In January, Theresa May’s government declared a war on plastic as part of a 25-year plan intended to eliminate all avoidable waste by 2042. The issue of plastic waste was …

Mailing Incentives

Published 19/07/18

At Secured Mail we like to keep your business updated with new and existing Incentives that could maximise your mailing campaigns. To learn more or to access any of the …

The Delivery Group Acquired by Management

Published 27/06/18

The Delivery Group, comprising of Secured Mail and CMS Network, is pleased to announce that three directors of the Group have acquired the majority interest in the Company from the …

What does Australia’s new Goods and Service Tax (GST) mean for UK retailers?

Published 19/06/18

From 1st July, 2018, UK retailers wishing to trade in the Australian market will be obliged to navigate new import tax laws. Australian goods and services tax (GST) will apply …

The JIC Initiative

Published 15/01/18

Secured Mail continue to support the launch of the Joint Industry Committee (JIC) along with Royal Mail and the DMA. The scheme has been launched to measure the daily readership …

Royal Mail Update – Withdrawing Access 70 CBC

Published 22/06/17

As your trusted delivery partner we would like to notify you of Royal Mails confirmed withdrawal from Access 70 CBC with effect from 1st January 2018.   Their intention to …

Rewards for Increasing your Direct Mail Volumes

Published 01/03/17

Secured Mail, working in conjunction with Royal Mail are taking part in two new incentive schemes, offering discounts in the form of postage credits that can be redeemed with Secured Mail.   …

Our Commitment to Eliminating Scam and Fraudulent Mail

Published 09/12/16

At Secured Mail we are committed to helping eradicate scam mail from the postal system.   Scam mail comes in many forms; by phone, email and post, whereby a small …

Launch of the Digital Stamp

Published 08/06/16

During a trial period, the Digital Stamp proved popular with customers with reports of increased open rates of postal mail.  This more personal form of digital stamp is having a …

Increase your direct mail volume and receive bonus rewards!

Published 07/04/16

Secured Mail working alongside Royal Mail are supporting businesses looking to increase their direct mail by offering exclusive incentive rewards with the Scheme for Growth – a new industry first! …


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